Jul 22, 2012

Q: What is your favorite part of life?
A: When it’s cool enough at night, especially in the summer, to sleep with a blanket on, my friends (old and new), love (all the kinds), kisses (all the kinds), bikes and biking, being outside, being inside, reading, music, road-trips, new places, familiar places, food (fucking love food), learning new things, building things, my sisters (they’re both a pain in the ass, but… still), remembering happy things about my dad, when my mom cracks up, pretty stories of things that haven’t happened yet but that I know I will make memories one day, laughing, being part of a tangle, seeing things that I am not even capable of imagining, the smell of fall, my grandma telling everyone that I’m a tough cookie, feeling strong, comfort, being inside when it’s raining, being outside when it’s raining… it’s all my favorite part of life, the things that make getting out of bed every day worth it. 

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